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 La Source Perrier lies in the village of Vergèze 15 km from Nîmes.  This is on the Nimes wine route. On a site of over 75 hectares, Perrier invites you to discover its sparkling mineral water spring, the result of an exceptional geological phenomenon. A refreshing break from wine tasting. Also you might ask them if the water source is thousands of years old why do they need to put a sell by date on the bottles?

AS this region has been inhabited for over 6000 years we can assume that the cave people enjoyed the Perrier spring water  and of course the French cave women would have been way ahead of the rest of cave world in fashion and style - even to the point of inventing the bikini.

Hey this is interesting - A Side result of Perrier’s early popularity in the USA is that in the middle 1960’s through the early 1970’s, it laid the foundation for the popularity of denim in Europe. Perrier had 40 containers of water bottles going to the East and West coast of the USA each week and nothing of that quantity for shipping lines to bring back. So in a deal with US Freight Lines Levi Jeans got very low shipping prices to Europe and the rest is history and in your closet.


Cistercian Monks defend their Rhone wine in gun shootout on November 6, 1990. The abbey of Notre Dame des Neiges is in the Ardeche, near the spa town of Saint Laurent. A nice area to visit. Here the monks are  known regionally for their wine, especially some old and valuable casks.  In the middle of the night they were woken by noise and had to defend this wine from  four thieves – all masked and carrying guns. According to the police report there was “ a prolonged exchange of gunfire before the burglars took to their heels.” On monk was shot in the foot. These days at the abbey  you can buy the wine and tell this story as you drink it back home.                                         Information for visitng 04 66 46 59 00 or 04 66 46 00 02.

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