Rhone Wine Routes and Wine Trails - A Diverse Range of regions, with opportunities for wine tasting and vinyard walks- hiking and bikng through some of Frances most beautiful scenery.  


How to recognize a Rhone approved wine tasting cellar - ?  Look for An enamel plate at the entrance of each vineryard or domain cellarthis guarantees a tasting room that meets of the Rhone region guidelines - a sort AOC for tasting rooms. . The tasting cellars meeting the criteria of the Toursit Region charter are classified in 3 levels of quality, identifiable by the vine leaves

:A one leaf site of quality . . The cellar is arranged and equipped to receive tourists, the tasting is offered without obligation to buy and is undertaken in the best conditions, the cellar is open at fixed times, etc. 

A two leaf site-superior quality service. In addition to the first level, the personnel gives you advice on local gastronomy, tourist areas, etc. Open for most of year and will probably have English speaking staff.

A three leaf sitefor excellence service- In addition to the second level, you can taste wine in crystal glasses, the cellar is accessible to disabled visitors and you are offered a delivery in France for a minimum purchase of 24 bottles, etc. These locations will likely be open for the whole year and will have helfpful English speaking staff.


 The Rhone Valley Tourist Agencies Make it Easy.  They have designated 13 Rhone wine trails - see below wine routes -  that are clearly marked by road signs  Then along the way in addition to local cooperative and domain roadside ads are there are the plaques showing which Leaf Category for the tasting room as descibed above.  Paying attention to these signs,  greatly increase the chances of a pleasure for travellers who prefer a serendipity approach to detailed planning. Throw in the great scenery, local castles, monasteries, excellent restaurants, charming villages and warm climate and you're definately going to enjoy buying the excellent wines at great prices.



 GREAT VALUEs- Wines that in the UK or USA can cost £60 $80 to over £100 - $160 - sell at amazing low prices at the cooperatives and from the directly from the winemakers at the Domains.

5 Minutes off motorway A7  is the Cave de Tain at the foot of Hermitage Hill - Fnatastic values at an historical location.

Accor hotels are located trhough out region several in Rhone wine towns like Valance, Montpelier and Avignon, and most are convenient to motorways and shoppin centres.


The Northern Rhône Wine Trail

As it carved out the Rhône Corridor, the river created the rugged features and steep hills which now are home to vineyards. The vines, planted on sheer slopes, provide a striking spectacle and from the hill tops great panorama views.

The ruggedness of the terrain causing back breaking vineyard work makes you value the great wines even more.

While the South Rhone accounts for most of the region’s volume. the northern Rhône is the source of most of it's prestige wines. Hermitageand Côte Rotie produced less than less than half of one per cent of the region’s total production, yet the best of these wines are quality leaders of Rhone wine on a par with the great wines of Burgundyor Bordeaux. For whites, Condrieuand the small appellation of Château Grillet (whose area is just one vineyard property) produce some of France’s most sought-after whites.

A few well chosen stops inthe North can provided you with the introduction, education and background for all of Rhone wines so youmake great value purchases during all your vineyard visits.The reason for this is that two of the biggest and best merchants of Rhone wine are located in the North and each feature a full program of Rhone wines at various quality and price points.Plus the English speaking staff will be helpful in answering your questions.We suggest first a visit to one or both of the below companies and then being well prepared you can make the most of Domain visits.

Cave de Tain
Tain l'Hermitage 26600
22, route de Larnage 
 Tel. 04 75 08 20 87 . Latidued:45:4:22N  Longitude 4:50:39E

 This co-op is the world’s largest producer of appellation controlee Syrahs.  Although big it also has reputation for quality and it is here you can get the background on what the classic wines of the region should taste like. It has an excellent tasting room, childerns play area and restaurant. The cellar of Tain has a great  location being  at the foot of  
Hermitage hill.

Paul Jaboulet Ainé-Vineum Châteauneuf sur Isère 26300 Route des Beaumes • Tel. 04 75 47 35 55 • Fax. 04 75 84 56 14  Lat. N45°01'19.3" • Long. E004°56'46.1" The Vineum draws its origins from the time of the Roman conquest when began the 17ha exploitation of underground stone quarries. Renovated, this prestigious area is used for the ageing of the wines and tasting.  A large selection of  wines is presented in different formats. .

Trained English speaking sommeliers welcome you and offer you advice purchase information. As an added attraction there is painting and sculpture exhibitions.  VINEUM is open all the year from Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 6pm.

Other worthwhile wine introduction visits where English is spoken and there is a good range of Rhone wines are -

Coopérative du Nyonsais Nyons 26111 Place Olivier de Serres • BP 9 • Tel. 04 75 26 95 00 • Fax. 04 75 26 23 16 Lat. N44°21'37.4" • Long. E005°07'57.0" Open throughout the year from 9 a.m. (10 a.m. Su and BA) to 12.30 p.m and from 2.

M. Chapoutier Tain l'Hermitage 26600 18, avenue du Dr Paul Durand  Tel. 04 75 08 92 61 • Fax. 04 75 08 96 36 °° Lat. N45°04'15.9" • Long. E004°50'21.7"

Significant Northern Rhone Appellations

Cote-Rotie A rugged terrain appellation where vine growing is hard and the hand harvesting harder. However, the rewards are great as here in the farthest north of the Rhone region are located some of the Rhones most famous vineyards. The red is a Syrah dominate wine – up to 20% of Viognier is permitted but rarely is more than 5% used if blended at all. These wines are exuberant, elegant, deep coloured reds with bold tannic structures and a wide spectrum of aromas and tastes featuring fruity black and red berries, pepper and vanilla spice. The quality wines will age up to 12 years.
In production terms the firm E.Guigal accounts for a third of this wines sales volume and is a quality producer.
Hermitage - A small, but internationally respected appellation which covers vineyards on the famous hill of the Hermit on the Eastern bank of the river. Reds dominate made using almost exclusively the Syrah grape. The Hermitage reds are a majestic, dark, robust wine, that drunk young tastes harsh, but with 5 to 10 years aging become smoother, more elegant They develop a bouquet of red and black fruits, wild flowers, and the signature peppery spice tones Syrah wines. . The whites are blends of Roussanne and Marsanne dry wines with a variety of flavours depending on soil and blends. Both reds and whites are usually oak aged.
Crozes-Hermitage A much larger appellations of mainly red wines, also with an international following. as these wines represent great value for money. Production quantities are more than ten times that of Hermitage. With the vineyards also located on nearby steep hills of the Eastern river bank. The reds are mainly Syrah with a small amount of Marsanne or Roussanne permitted. Crozes-Hermitage is an easier drinking vibrant, fruity wine that tends to be firm dry and peppery, having many similar characteristics to Hermitage but are more approachable when young. The whites are blends of Roussanne and Marsanne dry wines with a variety of flavours depending on soil and blends – fruits like acacia, violet, honey, beeswax, apricot, mango, hazelnut, also some notes of tobacco, spices and with oak aging vanilla and toasted almonds. Both reds and whites are usually oak aged to some degree.
Cornas – a small appellation of rugged terrain, that produces powerful, deep coloured and structured tannin reds. Fruity with black pepper undertones, these rusticCornas reds having growing international reputation that has pushed prices up. Using 100% Syrah grapes the red wines are barrel aged for two years or more.
Saint Joseph is a large red and white wine appellation that is south of Vienne’ The main vineyard villages are Saint-Jean-de-Puzols, Mauves, Tournon, The reds are predominantly Syrah with up to 10% Marsanne or Roussanne permitted. They are aged in oak or chestnut barrels up to two years. White Saint Joseph are dry fruity wines of Marsanne and Roussanne of a blend. They are also usually aged for several months in oak.
Condreiu – Chateau-Grillet - An another international favourite riding the well deserved current popularity of the Viognier grape. The appellation is for white wines of 100% Viognier . The wines exhibit a heady aroma spectrum of a fruit mix of apricot,peach,pear, and often flora touches of rose.The texture and power of the wine is provided by an high alcohol level  – about 14% and the low acidity. The wines is best consumed between three to five years of bottle aging

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Domaine de Montine
Grignan 26230
la Grande Tuilière
• Tel. 04 75 46 54 21
°° Lat. N44°06'43.6" • Long. E004°53'42.5"
An old farm of the Château Grignan, this domaine situated in Provençale Drôme has been a family property for three generations. There are 5 Gîtes de France holiday homes class:, 280 to 620 €/week with pool shared by the occupants of the gîtes. Very well equipped and comfortable holiday homes.
Local art exhibition. View of the Mont Ventoux. Vaulted cellar for ageing in barrels. Old coach inn site.
Items for tasting, glasses, corkscrews, truffles, lavender, honey, truffle oil... Open throughout the year from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6pm 

Domaines de Grangeneuve
Roussas 26230
• Tel. 04 75 98 50 22
°° Lat. N44°28'33.0" • Long. E004°47'11.8"
A  beautiful building in a picturesque environment. A family  of winegrowers that has been transmitting  know-how for generations. Vins AOC Grignan les Adhémar, AOC Côtes du Rhône Village, Vin de Pays du Comté de Grignan.
Picnic tables.

Domaine Rozel
Valaurie 26230
Les Planes
• Tel. 04 75 98 57 23
°° Lat. N44°25'32.0" • Long. E004°49'27.5"
The Rozels have been vignerons from father to son since 1464. .
Picnic tables,

The Triscastine  Rhone wine Route

The production area of Coteaux du Tricastin is situated South of Montelimar on the Eastern bank of the Rhône, running from Montélimar to Saint Paul Trois Châteaux. This magnificent region is the first to offer the Mediterranean light, smells, sounds and infinite colours. There is great diversity of the wines from this appellation  due to the many and mixed soil types and varied climates.  According to archaeological finds, particularly the remains of the largest Roman wine villa in Donzère wine has been produced in the region since the 1st century BC .

The area Appellation “ Coteaux du Tricastin” Red wines which comprise 95% of the this appellation's total production, are made from the principal varieties of Grenache Noir and Syrah (10% minimum), with secondary varieties of Cinsault, Mourvèdre, Carignan. No single variety may be present at more than 80%. A non defined quantity of secondary varieties cannot exceed 30%, or if declared separately, not more than 15% each.  Rosé: The same varieties in the same permitted proportions are used as for the red. White wines are produced from Grenache Blanc, Roussanne, Clairette blanc, Marsanne, Roussanne, and Viognier. No variety may be present in excess of 60%. All the wines must contain at minimum 11% alcohol.  Although there are many excellent wines in all ranges there is no exceptional international demain so there are excellent values to be had at cooperatives and domains, and this applies to  the broader appellations of "Cote du Rhone" and "Cote du Rhone Village" and  "Vin de Pays".

As with all the Southern Rhone wine routes a serendipity approach to finding domains, negociants and cooperatives by following road side signs can lead to enjoyable , memorable surprises – as back up we offer the following addresses within the area as definite vineyard tasting rooms that will welcome you. In all cases be aware that most tasting rooms are closed between 12 and 2:30 for lunch.

Château Bizard
Allan 26780
Chemin Bizard
• Tel. 04 75 46 64 69
°° Lat. N44°28'33.3" • Long. E004°47'11.7"
Beautiful renovated 17th century winecellar belonging to the 6th generation.

Caveau des Vignerons du Tricastin
Grignan 26230
Place du jeu de ballon
tel : 04 75 49 42 99

Terricific campsites through this region with resort facilities of swimming pools, restaurants and kids clubs. Prices given for Motor caravan sites, tent pitches, mobile home and luxury tent rentals.


Cave de St Pantaléon les Vignes
Saint-Pantaléon les Vignes 26770
Route de Nyons
• Tel. 04 75 27 90 44 / 04
°° Lat. N44°26'12.7" • Long. E005°01'07.3"
The staff give you a warm welcome in a rustic cellar and will tell you about the history of the name and the heritage of the cellar and wines. Wine yard walk available. 

Domaine la Bouvaude
Rousset les Vignes 26770
La Bouvade
• Tel. 04 75 27 90 32 • Fax. 04 75 27 98 72
Its a typical Provencal cellar, made from stone with a view on the barrel winery. Trek and picnic over 4 to 20km trails through the vines on foot or by bicycle. 

En Drome Provencale - the Drome Rhone Wine Route

- A wine route to excite the senses as you pass through fields of lavender, olive trees and wood lands of oaks where truffles grow. Here, in the foothills of Venaissin and Dauphiné, it’s an impressionist landscape dotted with gorgeous country houses. Many chateaux  line this route, with interesting historical stories to tell. In not far off the A7 motorway ,exit 19, is wine village Suze la Rousse, here the old residence of the Princes of Orange now houses the Université du Vin, where French and international students learn the skills of wine making. . This Provençal pocket of the Drôme département is home to many of the Côtes du Rhône Villages – Saint Maurice- Saint Pantaleon les Vignes, Rochegude and Rousset les Vignes.
As with all the Southern Rhone wine routes a serendipity approach to finding domains, negociants and cooperatives by following road side signs can lead to enjoyable surprises – domains open and welcome – as back up we offer the following addresses within the area as definite vineyard tasting rooms that will welcome you. In all cases be aware that most tasting rooms are closed between 12 and 2:30 for lunch.

Domaine Rocheville
Nyons 26110
Route de Montélimar •
D 538 • Tel. 04 75 26 35 20 • Fax. 04 75 26 64 53
°° Lat. N44°36850" • Long. E005°11775"
Space for MotorCaravans for over night stays. .
Open throughout the year, except the last week August.

Caveau la Suzienne
Suze la Rousse 26790
Tel. 04 75 04 48 38 • Fax. 04 75 98 23 77
Lat. N44°17'12.2" • Long. E004°50'09.9"
Between Montélimar and Avignon, Suze-la-Rousse is a small village of winegrowers. At the foot of a feudal castle
Articles de dégustation, verres, tire-bouchons, Muscat, Vin Doux Naturel, Clairette de Die, Champag Parking 2 à 3 bus Easy and quick access 5 min after leaving the A7 motorway.

La Vinsobraise
Vinsobres 26110 -La Reynarde
Tel. 04 75 27 01 20
Lat. N44°19'16.2" • Long. E005°03'42.3" 


 An amazing area for outdoor adventures & great wine tasting room values.

The Ardeche Rhone Wine Trail -  A great Holiday Experience

 The Ardeche wine trail is perfect for combining winery visits with memorable leisure experiences. Unique to the area are river swimming, canoe river trips and visits to caves (grottes), all set in area of outstanding beauty. Local cooperatives and domains offer good value for the Côtes du Rhône and Côtes du Rhône Villages AOCs.

 The great thing about a visiting the Ardeche is that everything is easy if you centre or start your visit in the Village of Saint Martin d’Ardeche. This is where canoes are moored, a place of caves, gorges and dry-stone dwellings, a real treat for the senses of travellers in search of authenticity. On the high hillsides are the wines of the Côtes du Rhône and Côtes du Rhône Villages AOCs thrive. Here there are good Domain tasting rooms- see the addresses below. Also, all the information is available from Office de TourismePlace de l'Eglise07700 Saint Martin d'Ardèche Tél. : 04 75 98 70 91

Below are listed tasting rooms  that are tourist friendly with picnic areas, interesting special features and English speaking staff. Wine buying tip is that many of these locations offers exceptionally good values for box wine purchases

Domaine Nicolas Croze Saint-Martin d'Ardèche 07700 Rue Max Ernst • Tel. 04 75 04 62 28 • °° Lat. N44°18'05.7" • Long. E004°33'56.5" The Caveau is an old stone building in the centre of village. In former times, it was a magnanerie where silkworms were bred. Ouvert toute l'année de 9h à 12h30 et de 15h30 à 20h. D / Tasting accessories, glasses, corkscrews, olive oil, honey (summer only) Open throughout the year from 9:00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m. and from 3.30 p.m. to 8:00. Equipment: Children's play area, Place de l'Eglise in front of the caveau

, " Domaine Dumas La Mazade " Rue du Valla Tél. : – Fax: Domaine Notre Dame de Cousignac Bourg Saint Andéol 07700 Quartier Cousignac • Tel. 04 75 54 61 41 • °° Lat. N44°25'25.7" • Long. E004°38'22.8" The 11th Century chapel situated in the heart of the vineyard gave its name to the domaine. 5 Guesthouse rooms open throughout the year, room 45€ to 55€/ night/double room including breakfast. Very well situated domaine overlooking the Rhône Valley, with a terrace , fountain and stream. Magnificent cellar in restored stone barn with fireplace, bread oven and exposed beams. Open throughout the year from 3. p.m. to 7 p.m., Not during working morning hours.  Picnic tables, Children's play area.  

Domaine Saladin Saint-Marcel d'Ardèche 07700 La Tour • Tel. 04 75 04 63 20 • °° Lat. N44°19'47.9" • Long. E004°36'57.6"  Open throughout the year from 8.30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m.

 Domaine de la Croix-Blanche Saint-Martin d'Ardèche 07700 Tel. 04 75 04 65 07 °° Lat. N44°18'11.5" • Long. E004°34'07.9" The domaine is situated on the sunny slopes of the Rhône. Hiking path through the vineyard. de 3km, /Open throughout the year from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 3. p.m. to 7 p.m. Closed Sundays, October to March •

 Cave Coopérative Vinicole Bourg Saint Andéol Quartier Les Auches • Tel. 04 75 54 51 34 • Fax. 04 75 54 77 02 °° Lat. N44°22'41.4" • Long. E004°38'39.6"

" Vignerons Coopérateurs de Saint-Just, St-Marcel et Saint-Martin d'Ardèche Route de la Gare Tél. : - Fax :

"DOMAINE LA PIERRE LAINE" Francis Allègre Fond de Mazade St-Marceld'Ardèche Tél. : Cave Coopérative " Le Gairidel " 30760 St Julien de Peyrolas Tél.:


Cave la Comtadine
Puyméras 84110
La Grand Orange
• Tel. 04 90 46 40 78
°° Lat. N44°16'10.6" • Long. E005°07'27.6"

Cave de Rasteau
Rasteau 84110
Route des Princes d'Orange
• Tel. 04 90 10 90 14
°° Lat. N44°13'30.3" • Long. E004°59'20.8"
Situated at the foot of the village, The Rasteau celar is a privileged place for tasting the Rasteau wines in remarkable authentic architecture combining tranquillity, modernity and terroir. Art exhibitions.

Maison Lavau
Violès 84150
Route de Cairanne
• Tel. 04 90 70 98 70
°° Lat. N44°16'92" • Long. E004°9606"
Contemporary style cellars with an olive tree with a spread of 2 metres in the centre. Wine and chocolate tasting. Blending (assemblage) room where visitors can create their own blends in the oenology courses and take their wine away with them..

 The Orange - Vaison La Romaine Rhone Valley Wine Route

Besides being on of the best trails for buying good value Rhone wines, the “Indigo Trail” invites you on a journey back in time. In Orange, you see the heyday of the Roman Empire: view the Arc de Triomphe and the town opens up before you, and then there is the magnificence Roman open theatre. In Bollène, the Middle Ages take centre stage along with the Roman period. Also don’t leave town without visiting the cave dwellings of Barry, a troglodyte Village ("Village troglodytique de Barry") is a series of underground houses that were inhabited continuously, from the Neolithic era to the early 20th century.
Also go especially to The Village of Vaison-la-Romaine. It is recognised as one of the Most Beautiful in France, a medieval town listed for its art and history, plus there is  remains of an archaeological Roman town 

Back to wine, and the Indigo Trail, has a great many vineyards, where you can discover three of the eighteen Côtes du Rhône Villages: Cairanne, Rasteau and Roaix

.Domaine de la Bastide-Jourdan
Bollène 84500
Avenue Emile Lachaux •
Quartier Saint Blaise • Tel. 04 90 40 15 68
°° Lat. N44°12'04.9" • Long. E004°56'51.5" Walking in vieyared available.
Has holiday homes class: 2 épis, open throughout the year, from 200€ to 600€/week with swimming pool and terrace.
Visite de la cave sur RdV. Participation aux vendanges- wine harvest..

Cave de Cairanne
Cairanne 84290
Route de Bollène
• Tel. 04 90 30 82 05 •

Domaine Galuval
Cairanne 84290
Route de Rasteau
• Tel. 04 32 80 97 18 •
Domaine with two activities, wine-growing and artistic, also an exceptional view over Mont Ventoux and the Dentelles de Montmirail. In the season, contemporary art exhibitions, jazz concerts, themed tastings, a drive in the vineywards by 4x4.

Domaine du Faucon Doré
Faucon 84110
92, chemin du Jas
• Tel. 04 90 46 46 01
Lat. N44°14'39.2" • Long. E004°52'59.7"
The cellar offers wine tasting together with delicacies, wine pairing, accompanied by a slide show.

Le Palais du Vin
Orange 84100
R.N.7 • Tel. 04 90 11 50 02
°° Lat. N44°06'06.6" • Long. E004°49'16.2"
The Palais du Vin is a regrouping of 150 winegrowers with private cellars, whose objective is to promote the wines of the area. 600 wines on sale from one bottle to a full lorry load!
Restaurant - booking recommended
Good place for value purchases and quick stop
Sortie n°22 de l'A7 Leave the A7 motorway at exit n°22


Cave des Vignerons de St Gervais
Saint-Gervais 30200
Rue des Vignerons
• Tel. 04 66 82 75 67
°° Lat. N44°11'00.2" • Long. E004°34'36.4"

Domaine Clavel
Saint-Gervais 30200
Rue du Pigeonnier
• Tel. 04 66 82 78 90 • Fax. 04 66 82 74 30
°° Lat. N44°11'02.4" • Long. E004°34'19.0"
The domaine falls under a family line of winegrowers with origins dating back to St Gervais around 1650. 2 rooms available for rent- 40 to 65 euros per night.

DE Pont Saint Esprit A Saint Victor la Coste - Rhone Wine Trail.

This route invites you to discover the Cèze Valley. It is on the right bank of the Rhône, where three Côtes du Rhône Villages AOCs – Chusclan, Laudun and Saint Gervais – are located . Here you will travel in a Mediterranean climate through vineyards bordered with fields of lavender, rosemary and thyme. Your drive should be peaceful and relaxed as you go between wine towns with lots of historic interest like Laudun, Sabran, Saint Gervais, Bagnols sur Cèze and Pont Saint Esprit.

As with all the Southern Rhone wine routes a serendipity approach to finding domains, negociants and cooperatives by following road side signs can lead to enjoyable , memorable surprises – as back up we offer the following addresses within the area as definite vineyard tasting rooms that will welcome you. In all cases be aware that most tasting rooms are closed between 12 and 2:30 for lunch.

Laudun Chusclan and Vignerons
Cotes du Rhone, Cotes du Rhone Villages, Cotes du Rhone Villages Chusclan, Cotes du Rhone Villages Laudun, Lirac. • Laudun 30230
Avenue General De Gaulle
• Tel. 04 66 90 55 22 • ° lat. N44, 1029239 • Long. E004, 6649528
The winemakers Chusclan offer for you to enjoy and taste wines while participating in tourism activities. Camping area up to 5 sites, Hike the Footpath of the vineyard  and from the Castle, exceptional views of the Rhone Valley

The winemakers of 4 paths
Cotes du Rhone, Chusclan, Laudun. • € 2.5 / € 19 / Laudun 30290
RD 6086 •
Rond Point des 4 Chemins • Tel. 04 66 82 65 72 • 
The Wine-Growers of the four paths invite you to discover new styles of wine with  contemporary themes.

Domaine de la Catherinette
Laval Saint-Roman 30760
Le Village
• Tel. 04 66 82 17 62 •
°° Lat. N44°17'43.5" • Long. E004°31'32.4"
The tasting cellar is situated on the tourist road, which links the Gorges of the Ardeche and the Cèze Valley together. A member of the Jouve family, owner since five generations, will greet you in the 18th century cellar.

Château de Boussargues
Sabran 30200
• Tel. 04 66 89 32 20 •
°° Lat. N44°08'28.5" • Long. E004°35'03.1"
Renovated 12th and 15th century château, with cellars in the foundations. Park planted with centuries-old oaks Gites 4
camping cars with arrangement can stay the night. .
Hiking  path through the vineyard 4 km,


An area of great beauty, classic Rhone wines and historic villages.

 Rhone Vin Routes of Dentelles de Montmirail

This route goes through the beautiful Dentelles de Montmirail hills at the centre of a triangle made up of Mont Ventoux in the East, Vaison-la-Romaine to the North and Avignon to the South-West. Thus it is at the heart of some of the region's best vine growing country and the center of the Vaucluse region - Provence at its most historic and picturesque.

The medieval village of Séguret - classified amongst France's most beautiful villages, is perched on a limestone rock, just to the north of Gigondas. From here you get spectacular views over the entire Rhône valley, illuminated by the famed provencal light featured by the Impressionists and countless artists since. This is great touring country, with mountain-biking and hiking in hills, or easier walking and cycling along the valleys. There are weekly markets in Nyons, Vaison-la-Romaine and Carpentras, Roman remains at Vaison and Orange and the 14th century papal palace in Avignon, all are nearby. The villages are pretty, crowned with belltowers (of openwork forged iron, to let the Mistral blow through!). Be sure to stop in Gigondas, dominated by its relics, Séguret, or Beaumes de Venise and its splendid chapelle de Notre-Dame d’Aubune.

 The vignerons on this Côtes du Rhône route produce some it best wine and classic southern Rhone blends. They are especially welcoming in their tastng rooms offering outstanding values.- especially the prices for quality wines of 18 to 40 Euros, as these wines sell in USA and UK for £100 - $160. and over.

 In the villages, the narrow streets, shaded squares, outdoor restaurants, old fountains and the slow pace leave no doubt you are in the authentic Provence.

Cave des Vignerons de Beaumes de Venise Cotes du Rhone, Vacqueyras, Beaumes de Venise, Muscat de Beaumes de Venise. 84190 Beaumes de Venise Quartier Ravel • Tel. 04 90 12 41 00 ° lat. N44 ° 07'18 .7 "• Long. E005 ° 01'44 .9" Nestled between the laces of Montmirail and Mont Ventoux, Balma Venitia the vault is at the entrance of the village of Beaumes de Venise. Hiking in the vineyards, golf nearby 4 and 9 km.

Domaine de Mourchon Cotes du Rhone, Cotes du Rhone Villages Séguret. •/ Séguret 84110 La Grande Montagne • Tel. 04 90 46 70 30 •   ° lat. N44 ° 13'06 .3 "• Long. E005 ° 01'08 .6" Cellar located in exceptional surroundings, near the picturesque village of Séguret. The wine tradition in this region is very old, the area was established in 1998 and its English owners will be happy to welcome you and tell you the secrets of their vineyard. / Visit of the cellar in the vineyard hiking trail 2km, 45min Every Wednesday night, the family leads a tour of the winery and a tasting in English

GIGONDAS The Cave - Cotes du Rhone, Cotes du Rhone Villages Séguret, Gigondas, Vacqueyras, Beaumes de Venise. • Sablet Road • 84190 GIGONDAS, Tel. 04 90 65 83 78 • ° lat. N44 ° 10'14 .8 "• Long. E004 ° 59'50 .0" The vault is located at the foot of the medieval village, facing the majestic Dentelles. For 50 years, winemakers welcome you to introduce you to wines from nearly 20 assemblies and various farms. Many vintages are available for sale. / Food and Wine Cellar in des Gourmets, Facilities: picnic tables, small garden for children

Castle Trignon Cotes du Rhone, Cotes du Rhone Villages Rasteau, Cotes du Rhone Villages Sablet, Gigondas. Gigondas 84190 Tel. 04 90 46 90 27 • ° lat. N44 ° 10'13 .8 "• Long. E005 ° 00'17 .8"

Cave de Graville Cotes du Rhone, Cotes du Rhone Villages Plan de Dieu, Côtes du Rhône Villages Sablet, Gigondas, Vacqueyras. • 84110 Sablet • Tel. 04 90 46 90 20 • Fax. 04 90 46 96 71 ° lat. N44 ° 11'58 .2 "• Long. E005 ° 00'27 .7" Walks in the vineyards •

Vignerons de Caractere Vaison la Romaine Road 84190 Vacqueyras • Tel. 04 90 65 84 54 • ° lat. N44 ° 08'26 .1 "• Long. E004 ° 59'11 .8" At the foot of the Dentelles, 80 families of winemakers offer their new retail space with a great offer of wines from the Rhone Valley. Visit their facilities, browse the path in the heart of vineyard land of Vacqueyras. /Wine Trail on foot or by bike 8km, 2 hours.

Domaine de Longue Toque Cotes du Rhone, Cotes du Rhone Villages Cairanne, Cotes du Rhone Villages Rasteau, Cotes du Rhone Villages Séguret, Côte Rôtie, Condrieu, St. Joseph, Crozes Hermitage, Hermitage, Cornas, Gigondas, Vacqueyras, Vinsobres, Beaumes de Venise , Tavel, Muscat de Beaumes de Venise, Wine tastings and tsasting room. \Hiking in vineyard. Sablet Road -84190 Gigondas • Tel. 04 90 12 30 • ° lat. N44 ° 10'09 .9 "• Long. E005 ° 00'11 .1"


Domaines Mousset
Châteauneuf du Pape 84230
Château des Fines Roches
• Tel. 04 90 83 50 05
°° Lat. N44°03'00.8" • Long. E004°50'59.2"
The Mousset family welcomes you in exceptional surroundings, the tasting cellar is typical, pleasant and spacious within casks and hundred year old vats. They have selected for you terroir products and their best wines accompanied by Provence specialities
Hotel with an exceptional view on the vines.
Restaurant au château des Fines Roches.
Drawing tables for children and car park 2 coaches

Maison Bouachon
Châteauneuf du Pape 84230
23, route d'Avignon
• Tel. 04 90 83 58 34 • ° Lat. N44°03'04.1" • Long. E004°50'11.5"
You are invited to a guided tour and a commentary of the winery viewing wine aged in oak barrels and casks.

Musée du Vin - Cave Brotte Père Anselme
Châteauneuf du Pape 84230
Le Clos. Route d'Avignon •
B.P. 1 • Tel. 04 90 83 70 07 • Fax. 04 90 83 74 34
°° Lt. N44°03'21.0" • Long. E004°50'13.0"
Wine museum, winemaker's tools exhibition and initiatory course to discover the appellation open from 9 a.m. à 12 pm (1 p.m in summer) and from 2 p.m to 6 p.

Domaine de Fontavin
Courthézon 84350
1468, route de la Plaine • Tel. 04 90 70 72 14

Château Gigognan
Sorgues 84700
1180, Chemin de Castillon
• Tel. 04 90 39 57 46 • Fax. 04 90 39 15 28
°° Lat. N44°00'47.8" • Long. E004°54'10.9"
The cellar situated in pleasant surroundings, is equipped respecting the style of the building, a former 19th century priory.

Autour d’Avignon - Rhone Vin Routes and Trails

Avignon is close to many of the wine routes and a great tourist centre. Staying in the city centre or at a hotel near the motorway exits makes a lot of wine touring convenient along with the excitement of city night life in town.  On this route going just north east of the city, without much driving you can visit the great wine villages of Chateauneuf du Pape, Courthezon and Sorgues. Each has some great domains and cooperatives for visiting and making good value wine purchases, plus along the way are plenty of other worthwhile Domain to catch your eye.
In the 14th century, Avignon became the centre of Christianity. On this trail you will come across a host of edifices that reflect the endeavour of the papal courtera. The imposing Palais des Papes, the famous Pont du Saint Bénézet, the conserved city remparts, and the great many churches and chapels, are tarchitectural gems. Avignon is now the capital of the Côtes du Rhône region, and comes alive each summer for a theatre festival. Your expedition will continue to Châteauneuf du Pape, where the supreme pontiffs built their summer residence, or to Châteauneuf de Gadagne

Under John XXII, the wines of this area came to be known as "Vin du Pape"; this term later became Châteauneuf-du-Pape. John XXII is also responsible for erecting the famous castle that stands as a symbol for the appellation.
Châteauneuf-du-Pape is an Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) in the southern Rhône wine region. Unlike its northern Rhône neighbors, Châteauneuf-du-Pape permits thirteen different varieties of grape; the blend is usually predominantly Grenache. Other red grapes include Cinsault, Counoise, Mourvèdre, Muscardin, Syrah, Terret Noir, and Vaccarèse. White grapes include Grenache Blanc, Bourboulenc, Clairette, Picardan, Roussanne, and Picpoul. With international markets in mind the trend has been to include fewer of the allowed white varieties and rely heavily upon the Grenache, Mourvèdre, and Syrah.

La Bouteillerie du Palais des Papes - RMG SAEM
Avignon 84008
RMG Palais des Papes à Avignon cedex 1
• Tel. 04 90 27 50 85 •
Situated in the centre of the Pope Palace in Avignon - historical 14th century UNESCO world heritage classified building - la Bouteillerie is a fabulous place to taste a selection of Rhône Valley wines.

Château Cabrières
Châteauneuf du Pape 84230
Route d'Orange •
CD 68 • Tel. 04 90 83 73 58 /
°° Lat. N44°03'35.8" • Long. E004°50'16.4"
A pleasant walk awaits you within the Castle. In a cordial and convivial environment where you will taste young to old vintages.

Château de la Gardine
Châteauneuf du Pape 84230
Route de Roquemaure
• Tel. 04 90 83 73 20 •
Lat. N44°03'47.3" • Long. E004°48'44.8"
Panoramic view and vaulted cave.
Picnic table,

Domaine de Beaurenard
Châteauneuf du Pape 84230
Avenue Pierre de Luxembourg
• Tel. 04 90 83 71 79 •
°° Lat. N44°03'13.1" • Long. E004°50'06.7"
The name of the Beaurenard domaine comes from the evolution of old French of the oldest vintage of the domaine, Boisrenard, going back to 1695. The Coulon family has managed the domaine for seven generations respecting traditions.


Domaine Rouge Garance Saint-Hilaire d'Ozilhan 30210 Chemin de Massacan • Tel. 04 66 37 06 92 • Fax. 04 66 37 06 92 of Interest to film buffs is that this domaine was established in 1997 by Jean-Louis Tratignant. The emblem, a bird is the creation of the draughtsman Enki Bilal. The name “Garance” recalls the first name of Arletty in the Children of Paradise 1 Holiday home open throughout the year, from 400€ to 500€ /week. This lodging is situated in the village of Castillon 3km from the Pont du Gard. Art exhibition twice a year. Beautiful view of the Pont du Gard.

Domaine d'Aiguilhon Sauveterre 30150 Tel. 04 66 82 54 33 • Fax. 04 66 82 54 33 The domaine appeals with its calmness and its charm. During your visit, you will discover the superb masonry dating back to the 19th century and the Order of the Templars.

 Château de Manissy Tavel 30126 Route de Roquemaure • Tel. 04 66 82 86 94 • Fax. 04 66 33 13 59 www.château-de-manissy.com • Email : vins-de-tavel@château-de-manissy.com The Château de Manissy was held by the Missionary Fathers of the Holy Family from the beginning of the 20th century up until four years ago. They produced wine for their community and the parishes, with the remainder being sold to a loyal clientele.

Les Vignerons du Castelas Rochefort du Gard 30650 Avenue de Signargues • Tel. 04 90 26 62 66 • °° Lat. N43°58'28.7" • Long. E004°41'01.4" 70 Wine makers are represented here with a shop offering a range of Southern Rhone wines at excellent prices.

 De Roquemaure à Remoulins Rhone Wine Touring Route

In the 17th century, the councillors of Roquemaure authenticated barrels of the local wine by branding them with the letters “CDR”, for “Coste Du Rhône”. They were ahead of their time, issuing the producers with certificates of origin before carting the wines off to distant destinations. This trail actually leads you through two of the Côtes du Rhône AOC’s prestigious crus: Lirac, a thing of rare elegance, and Tavel, France’s premier rosé where you will find several domains with tasting rooms. Villeneuve lès Avignon, opposite the city of the Popes and bathed by the Rhône, keeps watch over its rival from the heights of the Fort Saint-André, while the Carthusian monastery provides a spiritual stopping-place.

 Château des Coccinelles Domazan 30390 Rue des Ecoles • Tel. 04 66 57 03 07 °° Lat. N43°55'44.3" • Long. E004°38'51.4"

Cave des Vignerons de Montfrin Montfrin 30490 525, route de la gare • Tel. 04 66 57 53 63 °° Lat. N43°52'15.0" • Long. E004°34'38.6" Besides excellent wines come and see the gift the wine-growers have for you a genuine mammoth skeleton. The wine co-operative of Montfrin, Meynes, Comps and Théziers was established in 1924 and comprises 130 wine-growers.

 Cave des vins de cru de Lirac Saint-Laurent des Arbres 30126 Rue du Baron Leroy • Tel. 04 66 50 01 02 • °° Lat. N44°02'49.3" • Long. E004°41'51.1" The cellar offers workshops for tasting and days for discovering the vineyard accompanied with wine and delicacies. The cellar is open to all animations with various partners.

Cave des Vignerons de Tavel Tavel 30126 Route de la Commanderie • Tel. 04 66 50 03 57 • Fax. 04 66 50 46 57 °° Lat. N44°00'38.4" • Long. E004°42'33.2" Tavel grape varieties and terroirs, Rambles and rides among the vines, on foot, by bike, on horseback,

Domaines le Vieux Lavoir et le Vieux Moulin Tavel 30126 Route de la Commanderie • Le Palai Nord • Tel. 04 66 82 85 11 / 04 • °° Lat. N44°00'37.2" • Long. E004°42'41.2 S Fizz" wine-based aromatic cocktails is a spe”ialty. Open throughout the year


Cave des Grands Grès Beauvoisin 30640 Avenue de la Gare • Tel. 04 66 01 37 14 • °° Lat. N43°43'26.9" • Long. E004°19'17.4" Located between the Costières and the Camargue, the cellar created in 1928 brings together 70 domains. Château Saint Louis La Perdrix Bellegarde 30127 • Tel. 04 66 01 13 58 • °° Lat. N43°46'37.5" • Long. E004°30'01.1" The domaine name dates back to 1250, A course for discovering the environment and the work of the winemaker in the domaine vines awaits you…

Domaine Terre des Chardons Bellegarde 30127 Mas Sainte Marie des Costières • Tel. 04 66 70 02 51 / 06 • °° Lat. N43°44'38.9" • Long. E004°27'17.7" Domaine de la Patience Bezouce 30230 Chemin de Marguerittes, RD 6086 • Tel. 04 66 75 95 94 • °° Lat. N43°52'46.5" • Long. E004°29'12.3 /1 Camper van space , Cave de Joncquières Saint Vincent Joncquières Saint Vincent 30300 20, route de Nîmes • Tel. 04 66 74 50 07 • °° Lat. N43°49'49.5" • Long. E004°33'08.5"

Château Beaudois Franquevaux 30640 RN 572 • Tel. 04 66 73 30 59 • °° Lat. N43°39'28.5" • Long. E004°20'37.3" Splendid family domaine dominating the ponds of the Petite Camargue, Fanny and François Boyer welcome you every day of the year for a free tasting with a commentary. 1 Holiday home from 500€ /per week during the low season, 900€ /per week during the high season and 100€ /per The holiday home is very well equipped with two independent bedrooms. Cave de Joncquières Saint Vincent Joncquières Saint Vincent 30300 20, route de Nîmes • Tel. 04 66 74 50 07 • Fax. 04 66 74 49 40 °° Lat. N43°49'49.5" • Long. E004°33'08.5" Château d'Or et de Gueules Saint Gilles 30800 Chemin des Cassagnes • Tel. 04 66 87 32 86 • Fax. 04 66 87 39 11 °° Lat. N43°40'58.1" • Long. E004°22'48.2"

Château de la Tuilerie Nîmes 30900 Domaine du Château de la Tuilerie • 571 chemin de la Tuilerie • Tel. 04 66 70 91 76 °° Lat. N43°45'48.0" • Long. E004°22'48.6"

Rhone Wine Tasting -  Touristique des Costieres de NIMES  Wine trails.

Situated between the sea and the Cévennes region, at the boundary of Provence and Languedoc, the Costières de Nîmes vineyards stretch over plateaux and slopes which are bordered to the north and west by the city of Nîmes and scrubland.   To the south you get  views to the Rhône delta and the Mediterranean coastline. The terroir is a mixture of pebbles blended with yellow sand and red clay in a distinctly Mediterranean climate, the vines  bordering an exceptional wild and sun- bathed landscape. Villages with several domain tasting rooms are Beaucaire, Bellegarde, Gallican and Saint Gilles.

Since 4,000 BC there is evidence of inhabitance which developed through the bronze age of 1800 to 600 bc . Nîmes became a Roman colony sometime before 28 BC The amphitheatre dates from the end of the 2nd century AD. If your interested in a great party go  around Pentacost as for five days there is the festival of the bull attracting over a million visitors.

Touring is a great pleasure in this region and like all southern Rhone routes you can picnic in hundres  locations and at most domains - so take advantage of local markets to purchase fresh food.  You will see sign for many tasting rooms along the route and below are a few highy rated 3 leaf sites  to get you started. All with special features.

Château Mourgues du Grès Beaucaire 30300 Route de St Gilles - D38 • Tel. 04 66 59 46 10 • °° Lat. N43°47'36.4" • Long. E004°33'55.5" You will be overwhelmed by the beauty of the site, between vines, orchards and pine forest, and by the architecture of the domaine, old buildings of character, shaded courtyard with garden based on the “flavours of the wine”.

Mas des Tourelles Beaucaire 4294, route de Saint Gilles • D38 • Tel. 04 66 59 19 72 °° Lat. N43°47'38.7" • Long. E004°35'08'8" In the middle of a 17th century family domaine, in connection with archaeologists, you will find an extraordinary recreation of a Gallo-Roman cellar in Camping Roman archaeological wine included in the visit and tasting Walk in the garden and the Roman vineyard where the vines are trained to grow on trellises, pergolas Pedestrian path through the vineyard, 500m,


 Mont Ventoux Rhone Vineyard Trails shelters a landscape of Provencal villages and fields that are a delight for wine walks walk and picnics.. The medieval village lanes steeped in history, and there are relaxing village square restaurants for leisurely meals. These are the mountains and valleys of light and colours that could turn you into a Van Goah, observing the sunsets, the strong light of the South on the white stones and the famous starry skies of Provence.

The Fontaine de Vaucluse is an exceptional, situated at the foot of a sheer 230-metre cliff. This is the biggest spring in France and the fifth biggest in the world. The beauty of this natural site has inspired numerous writers and poets:

The Rhone Wine Village of Gordes is perched on a rock, and is listed among the most beautiful villages in France. It is also one of the most often visited, thanks to its rich and varied heritage: a château, two abbeys, numerous ancient hamlets, several water mills and windmills and several hundred bories (corbelled dry stone structures). Nearby are several domains with welcoming tasting rooms.

 Mount Venoux with its peak reaching 1912 metres, is a much visited site by sports cyclists, and offers hardy hikers and nature lovers breathtaking panoramic views.

Cave des Vins de Sylla Apt 84400 Avenue de Lançon • D900 • Tel. 04 90 74 95 80 • The Cave des Vins de Sylla, has been producing and selling AOC wines since 1925. We have a restaurant space presenting the very best marriages between the Sylla wines and farmhouse cheeses matured to perfection.

VMV Société des Vins Fins et Produits du Mont Ventoux Bédoin 84410 Quartier la Salle • Tel. 04 90 12 88 00 • °° Lat. N44°06'58.7" • Long. E005°10'33.2" VMV comprises 220 vignerons and offers a rich selection of wines produced from vines planted mainly on the southern slopes of Mont Ventoux,

 Cave Saint Marc Caromb 84330 667, avenue de l'Europe • BP 16 • Tel. 04 90 62 40 24 °° Lat. N44°06'11.4" • Long. E005°06'12.4" Cave Coopérative de Lumières Goult 84220 Hameau de Lumières • Tel. 04 90 72 20 04 °° Lat. 43:51.38N • Long. 5:13.57E Facing the Luberon, between Gordes and Roussillon,

Domaine de Champ-Long Entrechaux 84340 Quartier Champ-Long • Tel. 04 90 46 01 58 • °° Lat. N44°12'17.7" • Long. E005°08'06.1" An old Provence farm at the foot of the Mount Ventoux in a natural intact environment, non-urbanized near Vaison la Romaine and the Mont Ventoux,

 Cave Terraventoux Villes sur Auzon 84570 Route de Carpentras • Tel. 04 90 61 80 07 °° Lat. N44°03'22.2" • Long. E005°13'30.3" / Numerous "oenotourist" activities. Horse-drawn rides, electric bikes, "vigneron" walks", night outings, "apéri-truffes". Wine tasting with different themes, depending on the season.

Les Vignerons de Canteperdrix Mazan 84380 890 avenue de Caromb • Tel. 04 90 69 41 67 • °° Lat. N44°03'55.8" • Long. E005°07'42.5" Exhibition of a Gallo-Roman amphora, visits of the cellars in the summer period or on request the rest of the year, with a film show

Mas des Flauzières ENTRECHAUX 84340 Route de Vaison la Romaine • Tel 09 66 12 01 10

Domaine de Tara Roussillon 84220 Les Rossignols • Tel. 04 90 05 74 87 The family estate was called "Domaine de Tara" as a token to Margaret Mitchell's novel "Gone with the wind" referring to the soil ochre colour in Roussillon. Eighteen century Provencal "mas" surrounded by the vines.Highly attractive area close to Gordes, Ménerbes and Oppède le Vieux.

 GFreat Rail service to Avignon - Valance - Montpelier.

  Then hire a car for Rhone Wine country exploration.


Cellier de Marrenon
La Tour d'Aigues 84240
Boulevard St Roch
• Tel. 04 90 07 51 65 • .
Art exhibition throughout the year, change of artist once a month. Partnership with the Château de la Tour d'Aigues festival during the months of July-August. Visit of the Renaissance Castle of the Tour d'Aigues. 

Cave du Luberon
Maubec 84660
Hameau de Coustellet •
229 route de Cavaillon • Tel. 04 90 76 91 02 .
. °° Lat. 43:51.57N • Long. 5:08.35E

Château La Dorgonne
La Tour d'Aigues 84240
Domaine de la Dorgonne
• Tel. 04 90 07 50 18 • Fax. 04 90 07 56 55
www.chateauladorgonne.com • Email : nicolas.parmentier@ladorgonne.com
°° Lat. 43:43.39N • Long. 5:35.03E
Situated on the buttresses of south-eastern Luberon, the domaine emerges at 350m in altitude in the centre of an exceptional environment of greenery of holm oaks and Garrigue with over 70 hectares on one holding. The “Vito-Vino” initiation course will

Domaine de la Citadelle
Ménerbes 84560
Route de Cavaillon
• Tel. 04 90 72 41 58 • .
. °° Lat. 43:50.38N • Long. 5:11.50E . The cellar is situated in Ménerbes, one of the most beautiful villages of France. You will be able to admire the garden of vine varieties and the corkscrew Museum.


Wine Routes and Vineyard Hiking Trails of the Luberon

Millions of readers have dreamed of visiting the Luberon after reading Peter Mayle’s best selling book on his pleasures and struggles of settling in this beautiful area.  This is your opportunity to experince a few days in this magical provence region.
This Rhone wine route takes you through the best parts.  
The beautiful Luberon area is protected by the Regional Natural Park, offers gourmet and tourist side routes around each of the famous wine centres. In this country, the vineyard has backdrops fields of lavender, Atlas cedars, fruit trees, olive trees, bubbling streams and ochre quarries. From the vineyards to the villages perched on the hillside, you can discover the reality of the Luberon, finishing the evenings with outdoor village meals.

Special places to visit are : Apt -Situated in the Regional Nature Reserve of the Luberon, Apt is a rambler's paradise and is famous a cultural heritage, its high-up villages, and its exceptional market. A monument not to be missed: the Basilica Cathedral of Sainte Anne d’Apt, with the treasure house of Sainte Anne, the Meringovian crypts, one on top of the other, the Royal Chapel and the Clocktower.

La Maison de la Truffe et du Vin
du Luberon
Place de l'horloge
TEL : 00 33 (0)4 90 72 38 37

Initiation to wine-tasting techniques, demonstration of cavage (digging in Provençal) with a dog, truffle hunting and tasting. The Maison de la Truffe et du Vin is truly prestigious and a visit will be a trip highlight for beginners and experts.
It is a centre for understanding the world of truffles and the wines of the Parc Naturel Regional du Luberon. The oenothèque (Wine Centre) section has cellars which groups together all the wine producers of the geographical area of the Parc du Luberon — the appellations AOC Luberon, Ventoux and Pierrevert.
The wines are sold at cellar prices.
An interactive station offers visitors information about wine production in the Luberon and about truffles in the south east: history, vinification methods, encepagement, types of truffles and the search techniques (cavage) and the alliance of wines with food. 
.Training sessions -available
Introductory Workshop in the techniques of wine tasting
Accompanied by a country-style picnic, these workshops cover :
• fundamental flavours: salty, sweet, acid, bitter
• the main aroma families: flowers, fruits, spices
• differing vinification techniques for red, white and rose
Every day from 1st April to 31st October
A wine expert will welcome you to the cellar to perfect your knowledge of the wines of the Parc du Luberon and help you with your choices.
The wine laboratory
During the summer, at 18 individual stations equipped with sinks and lighting, wine lovers are welcomed for training, through wine tasting.

Château Saint Estève de Néri
Ansouis 84240
Quartier St Estève
Tel. 04 90 09 90 16 • .
www.stestevedeneri.com • Email : saintestevedeneri@free.fr
°° Lat. 43:45.01N • Long. 5:28.42E
Vineyard Hiking paths.
1 Furnished tourist home
open throughout the year from 500€ to 1000€. Swimming pool and tennis court.

Château Turcan
Ansouis 84240
Route de Pertuis
• Tel. 04 90 09 83 33 • .
°° Lat. 43:44.07N • Long. 5:29.19E
The domaine is traditional and reveals an ancestral heritage of the winegrower. You will be able to visit the Museum of the Vine and the Wine.

Cave des Vins de Sylla
Apt 84400
Avenue de Lançon •
RN 100 • Tel. 04 90 74 95 80 .
www.sylla.fr • Email : caveauapt1@sylla.fr

Cave de Bonnieux
Bonnieux 84480
Quartier de la gare
• Tel. 04 90 75 80 03 •.
.°° Lat. N43°82'32.282 • Long. E005°30'81.919
“The cellar of Bonnieux is the oldest cooperative cellar of Vaucluse, “The Oldest”. The tasting and sale area has been entirely renovated as well as the cellar facade.

Cave des Vignerons de Cucuron
Cucuron 84160
Quartier Châteauvieux
• Tel. 04 90 77 21 02 • .
www.luberon-provence.com • Email : contact@luberon-provence.com

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