Meet the Green Fairy


PONTARLIER ABSINTHE is the infamous anise-flavoured spirit made from herbs, including the flowers and leaves of the herb Artemisia absinthium, commonly referred to as "grande wormwood. Its seductive powers embodied in the "Green Fairy" have been the subject of art for over 100 years, even Picasso drew inspiration from it - Woman at Table above..  There is a whole ritual using special equipment associated with drinking it.

Grottes- Caves to Visit   discover the underground rivers at Les Planches near Arbois,and at Baume-les-Messieurs, at Osselle. A chasm which can be descended very easily at Poudrey close to Besançon; or the miraculous chapel cave of Remonot downstream of Pontarlier.
Travelling to the centre of the earth in Franche-ComtĂ© is also a way of going back in time: these caves were inhabited by the first prehistoric men known to have lived in France, such as in Vergranne, or were used as refuges during invasions, hiding places for the Comtois resistants to the French invasion in the 17th century, and for the partisans in the Second World War. 

Pot Holing - We know of very few wine and food  lovers who go pot holing, but if your one of these rare persons there are 4,500 caves or chasms, in this region - they also go by the name of 'baumes' or 'puits'. Many of these cavities are known to sports lovers, such as the Verneau caves in the Lison valley,  considered to form the world's longest post-siphon network (28,000 m).  The rest of us will stay above ground eating and drinking.