Take A gourmet's tour of Jura having meals featuring local cheeses and meats  

During the drive you will see  mountain pastures where the cattle graze and find the rural cooperatives which continue to make the famous Jura cheeses and smoked meats  in accordance with traditional methods.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            At At vineyards, cheese factory or  villages shops you can purchase  all the food and wine needed for a memorable picnic or hotel snacking.

 Memorable picnic- Buy Jura wines, cheeses, meats, bakery goods and getting ready to concentrate on haing a great meal or if you're with the girl in picture you can forget about that and concentrate on other things.

Restaurants - It is in the local restaurants that you can really learn to appreicate the Jura wines and foods. In Arbois you have a couple of the finest restaruants in France, along with more moderate priced, charming riverside terrace serving restaurants. In other villages and on the roads are many excellent Auberges.   

Jura Cheeses
COMTE CHEESE The most distinguished of Jura's cheeses has small holes and a characteristic hazelnut flavor. It'smade without any artificial ingredients, using traditional methods in the small cheese dairy factories called "fruitieres". To get the quality flavour it’s aged for 4 to 12 months in chilly cellars. 500 liters of milk are needed to produce one round of Comte cheese which has a weight of approximately 40 Kg. The cheese is made in flat circular discs, each between 40 centimetres (16 in) and 70 centimetres (28 in) in diameter, and around 10 centimetres (4 in) in height. The fat content is around 45%.Only milk from Montbeliarde Cattle is permitted, and each must have at least a hectare of grazing. The rind is a dusty-brown colour, and the cheese a pale creamy yellow. The texture is relatively hard and flexible, and the taste is strong and slightly sweet and nutty.

Poligny the centre for Comte cheese has a museum dedicated to it. But for an interesting experience visit a "fruitiere" in operation.                                                                        Bleu de Gex or Septmoncel A blue cheese with a slight parsley taste, produced in the Haut-Jura area, where varied flora give the milk of the montbeliarde cows a unique flavor. It is made by hand, using traditional method developed by the monks of St-Claude in the 13th century. Maturing takes 3 weeks during which it acquires its ivory and blue color. It goes well with the mild red or rose wines from Jura.
Morbier This cheese was first made in 1875 in Morbier, a village of Haut-Jura. It is a rich and creamy cheese characterized by a horizontal charcoal color layer in the middle. Each round weights around 6 to 7 kg. The maturing process takes about 2 months.
Cancoillote Created 2,000 years ago, the cancoillote is the oldest and one of the most typical specialties of Franche-Comte. It has a pale creamy-yellow color, shiny and half liquidy texture. Sold in jars, it travels well and after opening keeps well in the refrigerator. It can be served at room temperature spread on bread or warm, served with sausages and potatoes or eaten in the same way as "Fondue". 

Raclette has a semi-soft interior with small holes and an inedible rind. Eaten as a table cheese, Raclette has a smooth, creamy medium taste –not too salty or sharp. This cheese is traditionally melted. The word Raclette means "scraper", and making the traditional Raclette dish involves heating a chunk of cheese until the top softens enough to be scraped off and layered atop potatoes boiled in their skin, served with pickles and sliced meats.

On roads and villages you will find cheese factories, communes and specialty stores - below are a few of the more well known that welcome visitors.

Chalet du Coin d'Aval
39150-FORT DU PLASNE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Fromageries Vagne
Fruitière 1900 de Thoiria
La Maison de la Vache qui rit
La Maison du Comté
Mon Rêve, Exposition de tracteurs
Musée rural de l'ancienne Fruitière de la Pesse
39370-LA PESSE
Fromagerie-Musée de Trepot
Le Hameau du Fromage

Meats. Jura is well known for smoking pork and beef meats. Mountain cured meats, hams, pork knuckles and sausages are slowly smoked and braised in traditional "tuyé", a massive wood burning chimney..

Brési. Dry and salted beef, smoked for three months. Served in very thin slices, as appetizer or with fondues and raclettes dishes.
Jambon de Luxeuil. This cured ham from the city of Luxeuil is smoked in accordance of an old recipe. It is marinated in salt and junipers berries to be then slightly smoked with fir tree sawdust.
Saucisse de Morteau. The town of Morteau gives its name to the best-known sausage of the region. The sausage made with pork meat is hunged and smoked over conifer chips in the "tuye" for at least 48 hours to achieve taste, this is takes place I mountain zone higher thatn 600 meters. It is not authentic without the seal and wooden peg at one end. It needs to be poached to prevent it from bursting, and is served hot or at room temperature.
Saucisse de Montbéliard. Sausage from the city of Montbéliard made with high quality meat pork, spiced with cumin, nutmeg, garlic and white wine and smoked. be. It goes well with most vegetables and can be served with warm cancoillote cheese. 

Popular Dishes
Poularde aux morilles A variation of the "Coq au Vin Jaune", this classic local specialty is very popular in many Jura restaurants. It is prepared with a hen (16 to 20 weeks old, ready to lay eggs), Vin Jaune and the mushroom -morels (morilles).

Escalope de Veau Comtoise First glazed in a pan, then topped with cured ham and grated Comté cheese, the veal cutlet is coated with an unctuous and creamy mushroom sauce.

Fondue Fondue-making consists of melting comté cheese into a pot of warm, garlic-infused white wine. The pot called "poêlon" is kept in the center of the table where diners dip pieces of crusty bread on long-handled forks to coat them with the cheese mixture. The first flavours to hit your palate are fresh and fruity, giving way to more full-bodied flavours, ranging from brioche to a grilled taste, even a dark chocolate.

Coq au Vin Jaune This excellent Jura dish benefits from the unique flavor of the famous Vin Jaune, which goes particulary well with poultry. Other French regions prepare a similar dish with red or white wine.

Truite au Vin Jaune Trout is abundant in rivers of the region. In this classic Franche-Comté recipe, the delicate flesh of this freshwater fish is perfectly complemented by the unique flavor of the sauce made with Vin Jaune. 

Croûte au Mont d'Or
This cheese, in its original wooden box, is melted in the oven with some wine incorporated in its middle. Potatoes, "charcuterie" and green salad are served with it. 

Morbier cheese version of famous Tartiflettes. Cooked potatoes and onions are covered with slices of morbier cheese, then the dish is baked until the cheese melts. Served with a local white Jura wine and followed by a green salad. 

Raclette Jurassienne
This Raclette is made with "Bleu de Gex", instead of the traditional Raclette cheese. An electric grill is centered on the table and diner place a slice of cheese on his dish under the grill till it melts. It is then spread over boiled potatoes, served with pickles and Charcuteries.

Chèvre Salée Salted goat is a traditional dish of the Haut-Jura, served in winter on special event “Salt Goat Nights”.. Its pink colour meat is prepared as a "pot-au-feu" served with boiled potatoes.

As a dessert, , try something based on Fougerolles cherries like pancakes with morello cherries and kirsch ice cream The cherries are marble shaped bright red, round and shiny with firm fruit interior.

   JURA HONEY - Through out the region on the side of roads and village shops you will see Jura honey on offer. It has a wonderful unique flavour thanks to the local mountain fauna - JURA, fir trees, lime trees, etc.  

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