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Nouveau Beaujolais - Your Opportunity to take part in Fantastic Village Wine Parties.


Beaujolais Nouveau  can be produced by any Beaujolais or Beaujolais-Villages AOC vineyard. The grapes are harvested between late August and early September, then fermented for just a few days and released on the third Thursday of November - "Beaujolais Nouveau Day
Beaujolais Gamay wines have are bluish-red deep color with low acidity, moderate tannins and light to medium body. The aromas and tastes associated with the grape itself fruity usually referred to as red berries.

 Beaujolais the most Southern district of Burgundy, is home to the famous red wine of the same name and focus of the annual wine celebration - the arrival of Beaujolais Noveau. . Beaujolais red wines especially from the southern -near Lyon area- have a generally, light and fruity flavour from the Gamay grape variety. There are several villages worth visiting and excellent wine purchase opportunities.

Appellations of the Beaujolais wine routes - there are twelve main appellations of wines covering production from more than 96. Approxiamtely half of all Beaujolais wine is sold under the basic Beaujolais AOC designation. The majority of this wine is produced in the southern Beaujolais region located near the town of Belleville. Minimum alcohol levels for these wines are 10%. For later harvests or the wine is subjected to chaptalization, to get the alcohol up to 10.5%, then  the wine may be labeled as Beaujolais Supérieur.
Beaujolais AOC covers 60 villages, and refers to all basic Beaujolais wines.

Beaujolais-Villages AOC, is an intermediate category in terms of classification, covers 39 villages in the the northern part of the region The terrain of this region is hillier with more granite soil composition and the wine has the potential to be of higher quality. If the grapes come from the area of a single vineyard or commune, producers can affix the name of their particular village to the Beaujolais-Villages designation.

Cru Beaujolais, the highest category of classification in Beaujolais, account for the production within ten villages/areas in the foothills of the Beaujolais mountains. Seven of the Crus relate to actual villages while Brouilly and Côte de Brouilly refer to the vineyards areas around Mont Brouilly and Moulin-à-Vent. These wines do not usually show the word "Beaujolais" on the label, in an attempt to separate themselves from mass-produced Nouveau which they are not allowed to produce. These wines can be more full-bodied and darker in color, and will cellar longer. From north to south the Beaujolais crus are- Saint-Amour, Juliénas, Chénas, Moulin-à-Vent, Fleurie, Chiroubles, Morgon, Régnié, Brouilly and Côte de Brouilly.

Approximately 30 Negociants dominate the Beaujolais wine industry, producing nearly 90% of the wine sold outside the Beaujolais region. Two of the well known négociants based in Burgundy are Louis Jadot and Bouchard Père et Fils. The best known Beaujolais producer is the négociant Georges Duboeuf. There are more than 4000 vineyard owners in Beaujolais and most of wine not sold by negoicants is bottled and sold by the just over 20 village co-operatives. With wine tourism and local sales in France there is with a growing amount of wine being estate bottled, and as very little of this is exported there is some interesting purchases to be made in domain visits.

 BEAUJOLAIS - WINE ROUTE - Beautiful secenery, lots of welcoming Chateaux and vineyards.  Historic villages with excellent restaurants. 

The heart of Beujolais Cru vineyards.  The area featured in the map below is one of the best regions for wine touring in France plus it  has easy access from motorway to South.  There are villages with character, good restaurants and helpful tourist offices for each of Crus.  Also the Domaines and Cooperatives clearly marked by road signs, welcome visitors and offer good values.

 A special attraction of the Beaujolais wine trail is the Hameau Duboeuf - La Gare A Wine Amusement Park  marked with X on map below. This huge wine park is a promotion for Beaujolais producer Duboeuf but also a fun and interesting introduction to the world of wine with good purchase values. . There is tasting room, restaurant and shop on the site. Located between Macon and Lyon near the wine village of Fleurie. : 796 Route de la Gare La Gare - 71570 Romanèche-Thorins Phone : 0385352222 GPS 46 10 ’36,52N – 4 44’30, 19E Take the D32 turnoff to Fleurie  from N6 - D306 just south of Romanche Thorins - this road to Fleurie is signposted.  From there you might stop for lunch at the restaurant Au Bon Cru just up the road towards Fleurie.  If you continue on into Fleurie there are other good good restaruants, a tourist office and wine store.  From the tourist office you can get information a a map for various vineyard walks starting in the town.


Au Bon Cru - A Typical Beaujolais Wine Region Restaurant - the Kind that makes Vineyard Touring so special.  ~Here you don't do wine tasting but rather the real thing - wine drinking. The "XR" on map above is location for restaurant Au Bon Cru.  In summer food served in Chef's garden and front room. In winter inside the front rooms.  A favorite with wine workers, its a rustic quality meals come in generous portions. The chef -owner Andre Sercy for years was chef in Chcago's finest French restaurant - Chez Paul in the late 60's early 70's - so the quality is great.