Burgundy Wine Route - Wine Trails- The heart of France's Gourmet Tradition.

 The Burgundy region gastronomy has a well deserved worldwide reputation.  You will discover this yourself at the many gourmet restaurants, rustic rural inns and village brassieres. From Spring to Autumn outdoor eating is a delight.   In villages there are wonderful market days, in addition to local shops to buy picnic provisions and snacks.  
 Jambon Persillé
Alocal specialty chunks of ham cooked in a terrine with jellied broth and fresh chopped parsley- served cold in slices or wedges.

A delicacy that can be served out of their shells, in special ceramic escargot dishes, or in their shells, stuffed with a garlicky parsley-shallot butter, baked and eaten with the help of tongs and a little fork. 

Cassolette d'Escargots
A white wine dish where it is cooked in a wine sauce and cream. Served in cassolettes bowls.        
Oeufs en Meurette
Poached eggs in red wine . The wine sauce called meurette is a specialty of the Burgundian cuisine. Made from wine thickened with butter and flour with flavorings and spices added. The sauce goes well with poached eggs and fish. 

Savory cheese Morvan region pastries. The triangle of puff pastry dough is filled with a blended fromage blanc, crème fraiche and grated Gruyere cheese. Served as an appetizer or as light meal with salad 
Savory golden puff pastry served cold or slightly warmed. Often served at wine events. 

Typical Burgundy Main Courses

 Beef Bourguignon
The classic stew, cuts of beef slowly cooked until tender in Burgundy wine, along with cubed bacon, onions, and mushrooms.
Coq au Vin
Another of the best-known Burgundy dishes: chicken braised in a sauce of red wine, herbs, garlic, pearl onions and button mushrooms. 
Andouillette au Chablis
The spicy Andouillette sausage is sautéed and then simmered in Chablis wine. Made from pork small intestine and stomach. 

Côte de Veau Dijonnaise
(Veal Chops –with Mustard)
Dijon is synonymous with classic aromatic French mustard flavored with wine and herbs. In this recipe, smooth or grainy mustard is used for the creamy sauce, in addition to white wine and cream. Roast chicken is also served in this sauce. 
Lapin à la Moutarde

Rabbit is often on menus in Burgundy, as a traditional country dishes. The rabbit is rubbed and coated with the Dijon mustard a few hours before cooking. 

 Other  Burgudny specialities not pictured include the parsley-flavoured ham (jambon persillé) from the Morvan hills cooked in a cream saupiquet sauce; calf's head (tête de veau, or sansiot); a pauchouse of river fish (that is, poached in white wine with onions, butter, garlic and lardons); the famous poussin – chicken - from Bresse; saddle of hare (rable de lièvre à la Piron); and a potée bourguignonne - soup of vegetables cooked in the juices of simmered bacon and pork bits. 

  A Burgundian cheese platter features famous names like Époisses, Chaource, Abbaye de la Pierre qui Vire, and Bouton de Culotte. Look out for cheeses stands in street markets and specialist village shops, if you come across a helpful sales person take the opportunity to ask advice and get the background information of cheeses on sale. With plentiful rich cows’ and goats’ milk available, the creamy cheeses are an essential feature in the cuisine of the region.
Epoisses - top photo
The town of Epoisses has given its name to a soft cheese that has a smooth reddish-orange surface. It develops its character from a daily contact with marc-de Bourgogne ( brandy ). This is done to inhibit mold and encourages the growth of a particular bacteria that promotes the development of a creamy interior with a distinctive flavour.
An AOC cheese produced in Burgundy and Champagne. a table cheese with a white mold rind and creamy texture. Eaten young – 3 to 4 weeks after making.


 Pain d'Epices
Called a bread, it is more like cake and lasts for weeks. It is a moist, dense with a honey flavor of sweet spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, anise, ginger. It comes in a variety of shapes.
Poires au Vin et Cassis
Wine Poached Pears and Cassis a Burgundy take on the classic and delicious "Poires au Vin" dessert..In Burgundy, pears are poached in red wine and "crème de cassis",
( black currant liqueur ) 

Custard-baked fruit dessert, made with cherries or sliced pears and is sprinkled with kirsch at serving time.. 

Flamusse aux Pommes
The flamusse is made of butter-sauteed apples baked in batter. A light perfect end a meal or for afternoon snack. 
A traditional dessert from made with pieces of stale brioche or bread, soaked in mixture of milk, cream, sugar and eggs; often with an addition of nuts,fresh fruits or dry fruits 
Tarte de Semoule au Cassis
Pastry dough filled with syrupy black currants and topped with a light semolina 

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