Bordeaux Wine Touring, The Wine Trails and Routes of the Region.  .  

If you have an interest in wine and food at some point in life, you need go wine touring in Bordeaux – for serious wine lovers it's a pilgrimage.  A glass of aged red wine from one of the better chateaux of the Medoc or a sweet white wine from an excellent Sauternes producer are two of the exquisite taste pleasures of life. Drinking these wines at their place of origin, or the local village restaurant is total gastric gratification. The memories of your wine touring  in Bordeaux will last a lifetime, returning whenever you open another bottle of Bordeaux wine.

Bordeaux wine is any wine produced in the designated wine regions which surround the city of Bordeux within the Gironde department of Aquitanine. The Bordeuax wine trails area covers over 120,000 hectors  and 500 communes, stretching 110 kilometres from East to West and 130 kilometres north to south.  There are 57 appellations with over 8,000 chateaux and almost 13,000 winemakers. Average vintages produce over 700 million bottles of Bordeaux wine, ranging from large quantities of everyday table wine, to some of the most expensive and prestigious wines in the world. 89% of wine produced in Bordeaux is red (called "claret" in Britain), with notable sweet white wines such as Chateau d'Yquem, dry whites, rosé and sparkling wines (Crémant de Bordeaux) making up the remainder.   On the Bordeuax wine routes, cycle and hinking trails meander through the vineyards and you can even take river boat tours to vineyards and local restaurants.


The 13,000 winemakers, you could encounter in wine touging Bordeaux, vary from family owned chateaux passed on through generations to large corporations often owned by multinational companies and cooperatives.



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