Loire Valley Wine Touring - Loire Trails and Wine Routes - History, Gastronomy, and A Wine Mecca

Accor Hotels - Novotel-Mercure- 60 to 120 euros Ibis-Etap - 40 to 80 euros through out region.  

Loire Valley Wine Touring, Wine Routes– An Authentic Experience. The Old West of France  

In the USA for authentic America they say  go to the “old West”.  In France, the Loire valley is the equivalent  - the birthplance of France's national identity, the historic standards for luxury living and the authentic versions for great wines from the varietals -Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin blanc, Cabernet Franc and Muscadet , against which all New World efforts are measured.

Only a half days drive from Calais, the Loire, like Champagne, is a fantastic region for a short wine tasting holiday. Alternatively it is an ideal stop for a day or two if you are on your way to South-western France or the Dordogne.  Famous for its natural beauty, magnificent châteaux- sons-lumiere spectaculars and picturesque towns, the Loire Valley is rich in history and culture. The purest French is spoken here; it has great restaurants along with local auberges' simple but excellent, French home cooking.  Stay at a medieval chateau, a small wecloming hotel or a local gite at a domaine. .The longest river in France, border by banks of varied soils and climate, the Loire Valley is :

  • The largest white wine region in France 
  •  The second largest for sparkling wine
  •  The number one leading region for wines ordered in restaurants in France. 
  •  The only region in Frane to produce excellent wines of every variety. - Red, white or rosé, still,  sparkling, dry and sweet

EurotunnelFor short trips to Loire Valley take the Euro Tunnel - The Approximate Distance between Calais and Tours is 251 miles or 403.86 KMS 3 and half hour to 4 hour drive.

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