Provence Wine Touring - Routes and Trails - Scenery, Food and Wine                           "I am now in the land of corn, wine, oil, and sunshine. What more can a man ask of heaven?"                                                                                    Thomas Jefferson in 1787 on visit to Provence

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Excellent Provence Wines – Some of the Best  Bargains in France.

The new generation of wine makers, encouraged by quality associations- research and advisoy centers - and the knowledge brought by an influx of wine professional  buyers from Bordeaux, Burgundy and overseas.have raised the quality of wines. Really excellent values are to be had. New blends of reds join the ever popular roses for top quality wines. Think 2 to 3 euros for a litre of cooperative wine or 4 to 12 Euros for quality roses and reds aged in oak at domaine Chateaux. . In Bandol and Cassis you have wines of long standing international quality reputations.  Searching out quality "Vin de Pays"( country wine)  can yeid really excellent values. This appellation created in 1970's encourages the quality of less famous regions and for growers who wish to experiment with new grape varieties not permitted under the regions exsisting appellation controlle. In Provence with the many different grape varieties you can come across over a thousand differnet blends pay attention to grapes used and production methods to discover the styles you like most. .

Provence Wine Tralls - Wine Tastings - Pleasant Experiences with Surprising Extras.

 You start out on a wine tasting visit and end up discovering great new places.Scenic villages, good restaurants, Roman archological sites, medieval churches or Templier knights castle ruins.. Plus many domaines offer art shows, jazz concerts or have restaurants on premises. Picnics and hiking can be done pretty much everywhere. Buy food so fresh you’d think you were eating at the farmers table at local village markets. in summary, the Provence wine trails rival California ones for climate and quality wines but have the bonus of 2,500 years of history for extra interest.

 Wine Touring Provence –

Diverse Experiences – With the Empahsis on Pleasure If it was heaven for Thomas Jefferson, with the new tourist luxuries it's heavan plus paradise for you.  Provence vineyards are the new great tourist secret of the region.

Sun break for the gang.   Provence tasting rooms are likely close by and a day off is a solution that combines education with pleasure. Domaines and Chateaux in Provence really welcome visitors.

 You’ll see more of the landscape, meet friendly people, have an opportunity to buy good wine at great savings. Plus, with a little luck discover a new fabulous village restaurant. Its easy and convenient. Provence cooperatives- "caves"- and domaines are located all along  the scenic 200 kilometres East to West geography of Provence From Aix to Nice. Vineyards are close to the auto routes, N roads, coastal roads and along the base of the Southern Alps. Local tourist office have information or find your locations from our map section.

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 There are 10 Official Appellations - AOCs in Provence -


Great Train TVG Sevice to all major Provence citis - Avignon, Cannes, Nice. 4 1/2 hours from Paris.

AOCs - are  Bandol - Bellet - Cassis - Coteaux-d'Aix-en-Provence - Coteaux de Pierrevert - Cotes-de-Provence - Côtes de Provence-Sainte Victoire - Coteaux Varois - Les Beaux de Provence – Palette –

From our maps we show you the vineyards are in each appellationClick on picture below to go to section - Wine Routes & Wineries