Rhone Valley Wine Touring,Trails and Routes - History, Gastronomy, and Diverse Scenery With Welcoming Rhone Vineyards offerring Great Vaule Wines.


Accor hotels - Novotels- Mercure, Ibis, and Etap convenient throughout Rhone Valley.


Rhone Valley wine routes are a wine tourist dream. Great Scenery, Food and leisure activities.

Accomodation with swimming pools, beautiful villages, great scenery, lots of leisure activities, terrific food, alfresco dining at country Auberges or Restaurants in village squares, layers of history - first the Greeks, then the Romans and through the middle ages with the castles and monasteries - all this serves as background to a wide range of wine styles, offered by some of the friendliest tasting rooms that offer great values.

 If your travelling to the beaches of the Med in Southern France or down into Spain  pas directly through  the Rhone valley vineyards. Takin a few hours deviateion on Rhone Wine trails is well worth it.  Or spend a day or two in  a Rhone wine village  and it could turn out to be the best days of your holiday. Its here that you first encounter the Mediterranean spirit and climate which make everything seem better.

Touring  this Rhone region, you find a number of prestigious smaller areas such as Hermitage, Côte Rotie (in the northern part of the region) or Chateauneuf du Pape (near Avignon). However the vast majority of Côtes du Rhône wine is sold under the generic appellations, "Côtes du Rhône" or "Côtes du Rhone Villages". These are generally speaking Mediterranean wines, blended from the different classic grape varieties of the South of France, including most notably Syrah, Grenache, Viognier. Value-wise, Côtes du Rhône are often at the cheaper end of the French "appellation control” wines. In recent years these value wines have improved in quality and now represent some of the best wine purchase opportunities in France.

In the  "Wine Routes and Vineyards" section we feature the official 13 Vins du Tourisme routes that are marked out with colour coded  road signs.


Rhone VAlley Wine Tours - Two Distinct  Wine Regions - The Northern Rhone and Southern Rhone -

Because of it length, approximately 120 miles -200 kms, the Cotes du Rhone valley is really two distinct regions.

Three highways travel down the valley. Take the toll road A7 for speed, getting off at the main wine locotions of your choice or the N7 for slightly slower motorway travel without tolls but  going through the larger towns and villages. Alternatively take the N86 for a more leisure pace going directly through famous vinyard areas - note several parts of this highway are marked as part of several of the 13 designated wine routes.

.The Northern Rhône vineyards are on the western bank of the Rhône, starting 16 miles-27kms - south of Lyon and ending 40 miles - 68 kms southward of Valence. The Northern Rhone produces full bodies Syrah Reds that have international reputations for quality. Cote Rotie – Saint Joseph-~Hermitage -Crozes-Hermitage. The white wines of Condrieu based on the Viogner grape are also well respected. These picturesque vineyards are on steep, terraced south facing hills. The climate is Continental, with warm summers and sunshine but also some cold winter days. The Northern part of the region only accounts for 5% of the Rhône Valley’s total production. But is home to the famous full bodied red Syrah wine Cote Rotie  

The Southern Rhône starts 30 miles south of the Northern Rhône, just below Montelimar and stretches South down to the historic and beautiful city of Avignon. It is much larger than the Northern Rhone and extends over a wide area on both sides of the river. The climate here is Mediterranean rather than Continental, with mild winters and  hot summers. This is the region for relaxed wine tourism which can include hiking, cycling, horse riding, and canoe trips through the Ardeche. Unlike the solo Syrah  wines made in the North, the wines of the South are blends, made from a variety grapes The red wines usually have Grenache as a base  and blend with up to twelve other varieties, including Cinsault and Mourvèdre. 
Besides the excellent value appellations “Cotes du Rhone” and “Cotes du Rhone Villages” you have the internationally famous appellations “Chateauneuf du Pape” for blended reds and “ “Tavel” for Roses ( these being a blend of Grenache and Cinsault grapes).


 Click on Picture to Learn about Rhone grape types, blending and wine styles. Good information that gives you the "zen feeling" that you become the grape.

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